Strategic partner exclusive product for light refurbishment projects

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16 Jul 18

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Recent times have proved difficult for property investors. Changes from lenders and regulators have made refinancing and raising further capital that little bit more challenging – and an unstable property market hasn’t helped.

But as you will know, this hasn’t deterred all. Savvy property investors are still spotting and seizing opportunities in the market – many turning to less traditional property types, and regional locations.

So, how can you help your property investor clients in these scenarios?

We’re delighted to extend to you a completely new, strategic partner exclusive product – enabling your clients to borrow specifically for light refurbishment projects.

This product may be the perfect solution for clients who are:

– Purchasing or refinancing residential or commercial properties at speed

– Refurbishing a property to then let or sell

– Converting single dwellings to small, straight-forward HMOs

– Buying a property with a known issue, to repair and then rent/sell the property

Key features

– All funds advanced on day one

– 75% LTV against the lower of day one purchase price or value

– Up to 100% LTV of the refurbishment costs on a single larger facility*

– £50k to £15m loan sizes

– Single lets / Multi-units / HMOs: 0.80% pm

– Semi-commercial: 0.91% pm

– No QS required, just an interim inspection at the end of month three

– Available to individuals, LLPs, UK limited companies and mainstream offshore limited companies

* Up to 100% of the refurbishment costs can be funded but the total loan cannot exceed 85% of the day one purchase price/value or 70% of the post works value (whichever is lower)


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