Limited 2-year 3.59% fixed rate residential mortgage

Product news

24 Jul 18

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With a recent RICS survey reporting it’s more difficult to sell a property now than a year ago – it certainly feels like it should be a buyers’ market.

But despite the market needing stimulation, many potential buyers are being turned away by High Street lenders for residential mortgages because they don’t fit their criteria.

Here’s where you can help…

Turn to us. As a leading master broker working day in, day out, with a wide panel of lenders for over 14 years – we can access and negotiate the best deals for your client.

Through our strong relationships, you currently have access to a limited, 2-year 3.59% fixed rate residential mortgage designed to work around your clients, not the other way around.

Designed around your clients:

– Most security types accepted
– CCJs and defaults accepted
– Limited adverse credit in the last 2-3 years:
– Max secured arrears: 0 in 12 months (1 in 36 months)
– Max CCJ default: 0 in 24 months
– Max unsecured arrears: 0 in 6 months (2 in 24 months)

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