Buy-to-Let refurbishment with a sitting tenant

Case Study

31 Jul 19

Our client wanted to purchase a property requiring refurbishment – with an existing, sitting tenant. Refurbishment began on the property before ownership had been transferred thereby placing the risk with our client (no guarantees that the vendor wouldn’t change his mind and pull out of the deal).

The sitting tenant needed to be rehoused during the works. This scenario – renovation before exchange and a sitting tenant – would have precluded most high street lenders. Despite these factors, or client still wanted a competitive rate on his loan.

Our solution

  1. We brokered a deal which provided a higher LTV, with an extended offer with no additional fees
  2. Kept the client informed in every step of the process
  3. We also had regular communications with the vendor’s solicitors to ensure the exchange process was on track
  4. The client was able to refurbish the property and temporarily rehouse the tenant

Loan amount: £63,241

Rate: 6.99%

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